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This summer, relax on the most beautiful beaches of Saint-Tropez ...

Categories : Saint-Tropez, published on : 7/19/21

A summer break in Saint-Tropez wouldn't be complete without a day at the beach. Soft sand, crystal clear waters, the song of the cicadas and the welcoming shade of a scattering of maritime pines; these are some of the essential elements for this dream setting. What’s more, you can enjoy beachfront entertainment, the comfort of a sunbed, and snacks from a beachside vendor. You can enjoy a lesser-frequented beach or the seaside buzz of the Saint-Tropez party. Here are some suggestions from your Hotel Bastide de Saint-Tropez team to help you discover the beaches of our beautiful resort and find the one that suits you best.


The Ponche and Canebiers beaches

Let's start with two of the legendary beaches of Saint-Tropez. The first, located in the heart of the Ponche district from which it takes its name, is remembered for its appearance in the famous Brigitte Bardot movie And God Created Woman, directed by Roger Vadim. Dominated by the outlines of the Tour Vieille and Tour du Portalet fortifications, it offers a selection of restaurant terraces where it’s a delight to linger while contemplating the waves. You can cool off or sunbathe there between strolls on the quays and a shopping session in the streets of the town centre.
Canebiers is considered the beach par excellence by Tropéziens. In addition to the exceptional setting, you’ll certainly appreciate the presence of sanitary facilities and showers. Meet up with family or friends there for a swim or a lazy day. Situated just a few minutes from the town centre, it’s easy to access and, depending on the time of day, will be totally peaceful or cheerfully lively. You’ll be unable to resist admiring the many boats that anchor there during the day.


The Salins and Graniers beaches

Are you looking for a beach that is wilder, more intimate, but just as easy to access? Here are our two favourites that answer that description. Salins Beach, located on the other side of the peninsula, offers a relatively unspoiled environment where the maritime pines sway gently in the sea breeze and the cicadas sing in the sun. The sand is also particularly fine. If you get hungry, beach restaurants offer refined or simpler menus featuring Provençal flavours.
You’ll be closer to the Saint-Tropez town centre when you visit Graniers Beach. Nestled south of the Citadelle fortress and museum, near the marine cemetery, this small cove of light sand invites you to enjoy peaceful moments lulled by the rustling of the reeds. It’s the ideal place to find calm after a stroll through the resort.


The pearl that is Moutte Beach

Here is a secret that we only share with insiders! Moutte Beach, located beyond Canebiers Beach, is only accessible on foot via the coastal path. Some 45 minutes of walking are necessary to reach it from the heart of the resort. However, the payoff is well worth the effort. A sumptuous panorama over the entire Gulf of Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime, a perfectly wild beach, fine sand and crystal-clear waters all add up to a picture-postcard setting that awaits you. This entire stretch of coast is preserved thanks to a donation and therefore totally protected from any construction work. You can escape the bustle of Saint-Tropez and treat yourself to a timeless and blissful experience on one of the most beautiful beaches in Provence.

Each Tropézienne beach has a strong identity and a history. Your Hotel Bastide de Saint-Tropez team is at your service to help you discover their individual attractions. The team will also tell you how to get to each location, using the hotel's shuttles, for example, and let you know about the onsite services available. The plages tropéziennes await you!



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