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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez

The Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the 23rd Porsche Paradise and the colours of September in Saint Tropez.

Categories : Saint-Tropez, published on : 9/8/16

Yachts and luxury cars are in the spotlight in Saint-Tropez this autumn. From September 24th to October 2nd, the internationally famous regatta known as the Voiles de Saint-Tropez disturbs the placid, turquoise waters of the Gulf. Then, the following weekend, on October 7th, 8th and 9th, the 23rd edition of Porsche Paradise brings together hundreds of fine examples of the various models that have been created by the prestigious German brand. And if the excitement is at its height, the charm of the Mediterranean autumn adds an appealingly mellow touch. The sun is always present, but his rays are gentler. The air is warm, the light more picturesquely elusive. A light celebrated by painters from Renoir to Signac, Monet to Sisley. These are painters whose works are exhibited at the Musée de l'Annonciade, which we invite you to discover during your stay at the Bastide Saint-Tropez.


Set sail from Saint Tropez!


At the harbour, the atmosphere is magical. Just imagine 300 regal yachts whose slender hulls tremble in anticipation of the signal for the start of the race. The gleaming white sails billow and slap in the wind, the last orders are given, azure waters lap against the bows and the race begins! Super-equipped modern vessels and classic yachts; all will compete in the Tour du Portalet at Club 55, crossing the famous shoal of Nioulargo, which gave its name to the original regatta. The name was changed to the Voiles Saint-Tropez in 1999. Musical entertainment, conferences, petanque competitions, prize giving and, of course, the wonderful sight of such a gathering of beautiful yachts all add buoyancy to the nine-day festival. A great way to celebrate the end of summer ... and the beginning of an irresistible Indian summer in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez!


Drive to Porsche Paradise


In Saint-Tropez from October 7th to 9th, paradise comes in the shape of the Porsche logo. Lovers of contoured bodywork, powerful engines and sleekly beautiful machines will not know where to turn among the 500 models presented. The theme for 2016: 50 shades of white! The programme of festivities includes a run on the Circuit du Luc in Provence, a rally in the hinterland, a water break on the peninsula (white dress code, please!), a parade through the streets of the village, awards, and shows and dancing every evening on Pampelonne beach. And, of course, these automotive beauties will be on display by the harbour, so you can stroll between them, admire the curves, caress the lines, breathe in the aroma of leather seats or, sheer bliss, actually sit behind the wheel of your favourite.


Autumn colours in Saint-Tropez


The writer Guy de Maupassant wrote lovingly of the little port in the late 19th century, while the painter Paul Signac found the light so inspirational that he purchased a villa in Saint-Tropez called La Hune, in which he installed his studio. Here the artist played host to notable colleagues such as Matisse, Derain, Bonnard and Marquet, who were also seduced by the richness of the variations of light and hue offered by the Gulf and its hinterland. Housed in a former chapel, the Musée de l'Annonciade (Museum of the Annunciation) shows how Saint-Tropez was an important source of inspiration for these masters of Pointillism and Fauvism. One can admire the paintings of Signac, of course, but also those of Derain, Cross, Vuillard, Braque, Camoin, Maillol, Delaunay and Valadon. Enchanted by colour, you’ll return to the comfort of the Bastide Saint-Tropez in the footsteps of the painters whose light, like that of this beautiful late afternoon on the French Riviera, esco


An escape aboard the Bastide de Saint-Tropez Yacht.


The Mediterranean holds many secrets; white sandy beaches, hidden coves with crystal clear waters, and islands of wild charm just off the coast. Your stay at the Bastide de Saint-Tropez promises days rich in pleasurable emotions, in which comfort and lazing by the pool vie with the temptation to explore and discover. That is why the Bastide de Saint-Tropez offers a sea trip on the yacht ‘BST’, a 22 metre long haven of privacy that is ripe with the promise of adventure. Why not escape for a day and explore the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean basin? The chef will prepare a meal that you can enjoy afloat on the gentle waters of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, tucked away in a cove where the only background music is the sound of cicadas, and the view is of the turquoise waters of Cap Camarat and Cap Taillat. Discover the islands of Porquerolles and Port Cros and dive among an incredible array of marine life that includes groupers, a species that is protected in this incredible nature reserve.

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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez