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The new edition of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

Categories : Saint-Tropez, published on : 9/4/20

Many events take place in Saint-Tropez, but few are as convivial, thrilling and anchored in the traditions of Tropéziens and lovers of our resort as the regatta called Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez (The Sails of Saint Tropez). Each year, this unique nautical gathering brings together both experts and amateurs, superboats and traditional sailboats, yachts, Class J and Wallys. It all adds up to a vibrant and festive ambiance that is warmly recommended by the team here at your Hotel La Bastide de Saint-Tropez!


The long history of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

It’s a story that Tropezians never tire of telling; the tale of two friends, Jean Laurin and Dick Jayson, who challenged each other to a yacht race between the Tour du Portalet and the famous Club 55 on the equally famous Pampelonne Beach. The first, hastily improvised Club 55 Cup was thus awarded to the winner on that day in 1981 and Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez was born. Over the years, the competitors have become more numerous, the challenges more demanding, the races have been opened to traditional boats, and it all adds up to a magnificent spectacle. Now there’s plenty of action to savour in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, as well as numerous complementary activities on land. The pop-up village embodies the warm and friendly character of an event in which the pleasure of participating outweighs the desire to win.


Innovations for 2020

Due to this year’s unusual context, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez has reinvented itself. After a long period of uncertainty, the decision was finally taken to hold the event while, of course, observing health requirements. Despite this, the Voiles will innovate as usual. Indeed, this year, the regatta will stretch over a two-week period, from September 26th to October 9th. The second part of the event will be devoted to the larger craft, superboats, Maxi and SuperMaxi, large goélettes schooners and Grands Traditions. However, uncertainty hangs over the events and festivities on land, which are subject to changes in the health situation, but we know that the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez teams are doing everything they can to ensure an ambiance worthy of previous editions and have some lovely surprises in store for us. The ‘on-shore’ part of the programme will probably only be made available at the very last moment, but we’re sure it will be of high quality!


Experience the Voiles de Saint-Tropez

We at the Bastide de Saint-Tropez love this event so much because it offers everyone the opportunity to experience it at their own pace. Seasoned and competitive sailors delight in overcoming the challenges presented and sharing the special camaraderie of the occasion with their fellow enthusiasts. Party people relish the sparkling after-regatta get-togethers fuelled by aperitifs and concerts - which we hope can take place... And, of course, spectators can sit at the foot of the Tour du Portalet to admire the sublime panorama of the blue waters of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez speckled with dozens of multicoloured sails as the craft glide across the water, as well as enjoy the sight of boats of all shapes and sizes moving in to catch the spectacle up close. At your Hotel La Bastide de Saint-Tropez we are at your service to help you make the most of the event. For example, at our reception you can rent a Vespa or an electric bike on which to ride around the area to find the most beautiful vantage points Saint-Tropez has to offer...

Coming as the highlight and conclusion of the summer season, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez brings together Tropéziens, visitors and sailing enthusiasts. Come and enjoy this unique spectacle and the warm buzz that pervades the whole resort. Your Bastide de Saint-Tropez is waiting to share it with you!



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