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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez

The Musical Evenings at the Bastide de Saint-Tropez: A Summer in Harmony

Categories : Hotel, published on : 6/5/24

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Bastide de Saint-Tropez this summer, where musical evenings promise unforgettable moments. In June, July, and August, let yourself be carried away by captivating melodies in a luxurious and charming setting.

June: Melodious Launch

June marks the beginning of our musical series with captivating performances:

    •    Pyro (June 21): Pop Soul RnB group, active for over five years.
    •    ClaYs le Duo (June 26): Semi-acoustic guitar-voice duo, revisiting classics from the 70s to today in groove lounge and bossa nova style.
    •    Tiphanie Doucet (June 28): Multi-instrumentalist singer, Tiphanie enchants with her unique voice and varied musical talent.

July: Musical Brilliance

In July, the Bastide’s stage lights up with a diversity of artists:

    •    ClaYs le Duo (July 3)
    •    Sunset Live (July 5): Varied repertoire blending international hits, pop, and jazz.
   •    Velvet Rose Live Band (July 7): Duo with an elegant style and vintage charm, revisiting jazz, international pop, and French and Italian songs.
    •    Staysee & Co (July 10): Pop soul style.
    •    Sunset Live (July 12)
    •    Will Sax (July 14): Passionate saxophonist.
    •    Velvet Rose Live Band (July 17)
    •    Sama (July 19): Singer-songwriter blending jazz, blues, and soul.
    •    Rafa Digraz (July 21): Professional saxophonist.
    •    Velvet Rose Live Band (July 24)
    •    Staysee & Co (July 26)
    •    Sama (July 28)
    •    Sam & Alexia Music (July 31): Duo offering a mix of pop, jazz, soul, rock, and French chanson.

August: Enchanting Conclusion

In August, the evenings continue with an exceptional lineup:

    •    Sama (August 2)
    •    Velvet Rose Live Band (August 7)
    •    Staysee & Co (August 10)
    •    Sam & Alexia Music (August 12)
    •    Sunset Live (August 14)
    •    ClaYs le Duo (August 17)
    •    Sama (August 19)
    •    Rafa Digraz (August 21)
    •    ClaYs le Duo (August 24)

A Musical Escape

Come experience the essence of summer at the Bastide de Saint-Tropez and be enchanted by the magic of its musical evenings. Each event is an invitation to a sensory journey, where music elevates the elegance of the Bastide. To book, contact La Bastide de Saint-Tropez at +33 (0)4 94 55 82 55

Photo credit : @sam&alexiamusic

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