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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez

Spring comes to Saint Tropez

Categories : Hotel, published on : 2/22/17

While many parts of our country still shiver before winter’s frosty breath, the first rays of spring sunshine are already warming the Gulf of Saint Tropez, where February is a month of considerable loveliness. It’s a month that opens under the auspices of Love, aided by our special Valentine’s Day offer, which among other delights invites you to discover the gastronomic wonders concocted by our chef, Philippe Colinet. Philippe’s creativity and hard work has just been rewarded with a star in the Michelin Guide! Finally, as happiness never arrives alone, the Musée de la Gendarmerie has just reopened following a short break and is featuring an exhibition dedicated to the screen legend Brigitte Bardot.


A Star for the Olivier

A first star in the Michelin Guide was obtained in February 2017 by our chef Philippe Colinet, and rewards the hard work, flair for creativity, insistence on quality local produce and unconditional respect for the guest and their dining experience demonstrated by Philippe. This mastery of flavours, textures and thorough knowledge of food was acquired by Philippe Colinet during his experience with Jean Bardet in Tours, Roger Verger in Mougins, at the Gray d'Albion in Cannes, and the Château de Fère at the Portes de la Champagne.


For a menu blessed with finesse

At the Olivier restaurant, Philippe specialises in utilising the fine flavours of the local produce, choosing his ingredients with care and professional finesse. The menu offers such delights as grilled duck foie gras with Speracedes black olives, grilled Perle Blanche no. 1 oyster, Thau sea urchin, blue lobster, red mullet, Black Angus beef filet and suckling pig cooked for thirty hours at a low temperature. Thanks to particularly careful accompaniments, we invite guests to rediscover the exquisite flavours of celery mousse, shallots in cream, and John Dory served with veal jus salsify and acidulated pear paste. Creativity combined with an immense range of knowledge and experience has allowed our chef and his teams to reach out and seize this beautiful star for the Olivier. A big thank you to them, and an excellent appetite to you, so you can experience the heavenly pleasures of terrestrial food prepared to perfection!


Romance in Saint-Tropez

‘Be My Valentine’ is the theme of our special offer this February 14th. On the gastronomic agenda of this special day, our Valentine menu consists of grilled duck foie gras with citrus, roasted scallops, chicken supreme stuffed with Haut Var truffles, and dark Inaya chocolate whose bitter edge marries delicately with the voluptuous fruit of passion. A fine, light banquet that will delight Bacchus before Cupid comes winging by to invite you back to the intimate surroundings of your elegant Deluxe room. In the morning, breakfast can be served in bed if you wish.


Brigitte Bardot at the Musée de la Gendarmerie

The Museum of the Gendarmerie in Saint-Tropez was, as the name suggests, an actual police station from 1879 to 2003. After this it became a museum devoted to cinema and, in particular, the movies that were shot on location in Saint-Tropez, from cult comedies about the gendarmes of the town to Roger Vadim’s legendary film, And God Created Woman. This February the museum has reopened to present an exhibition dedicated to the actress Brigitte Bardot. Unpublished photographs taken largely by locals, but also costumes, film posters and much more recount the life of the icon of Saint-Tropez, while not forgetting her passionate commitment to the cause of animal rights, to which the exhibition also dedicates some attention. A lovely way to start, or continue, a day totally dedicated to love.

La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez