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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez

Discover the Hotel la Bastide de Saint-Tropez

Categories : Hotel, published on : 11/17/15

The French Riviera is renowned as one of the world’s foremost holiday destinations, and if there is one place on this most magnificent of coasts that simply must not be missed, it is St. Tropez. This superb resort is noted for being the home from home of numerous celebrities, as well as the ideal place for lovers of maritime pursuits. Yet it’s not just the celebrated and the seaworthy who are welcomed here, as the charming, exciting and still-authentic town and port of Saint-Tropez promises exceptional moments for all visitors.

If you intend to indulge in the many pleasures that this legendary resort has to offer, then why not make the most of the experience by enjoying the exceptional hospitality and world-class amenities of the Bastide de Saint-Tropez? A haven of peace, this hotel of distinction offers 26 beautifully appointed rooms, suites and apartments. Paying close attention to your requirements and always seeking your complete satisfaction, the team of the Bastide de Saint-Tropez will be at your disposal throughout your stay in the fabulous town of St. Tropez.
After being warmly welcomed at reception, you’ll discover your room, suite or apartment, where the tasteful and pleasing décor will cast a spell of charm over you. The airy design and light colours provide a soothing ambience, the evocative Saint-Tropez sea air wafts through from your private garden or sun-kissed terrace, and the bathrooms provide an invitation to relax and enjoy a moment or two of pampering!

But that's not all. In addition to offering an ideal place to take it easy, the Bastide de Saint-Tropez promises the exaltation of your taste buds! Indeed, it hosts two restaurants, so there's something for everyone! Chef Philippe Colinet and his team are ready to provide your gastronomic satisfaction. If you’re looking for original flavours to satisfy your palate, don’t miss a detour to the Olivier, the gourmet restaurant of the Bastide de Saint-Tropez. A surprising and hugely appealing menu awaits you, rich with seasonal ingredients and local produce. A different atmosphere can be found in the Bistro, but there you’ll find the same freshness and love of exquisitely prepared local cuisine. And, of course, every morning upon awakening, a delicious breakfast will be prepared for you.

Fancy a relaxing interlude during your stay? You are definitely in the right place! Discover our spa by Carita for a delicious moment of tranquillity. Give yourself the opportunity to unwind completely by surrendering to the steamy delights of the hotel’s hammam.

La Bastide de Saint-Tropez is ready to provide you with a blissful experience in this small corner of paradise on the Côte d'Azur. Saint-Tropez is noted for the beaches and islands in its vicinity, and so that you can experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea in full, the Bastide de Saint-Tropez offers a 22m yacht for rent. A friendly and expert crew will accompany and look after you, so you know you’ll be in the safest of hands during your maritime adventure. For a day or, for the luckiest, several days, just take the time to inhale the fresh sea air, listen to the soft sound of the waves and feel the caress of the gentle breeze.

Close to the village centre, the best beaches and the sea, the Bastide de Saint-Tropez is ideal for excursions throughout and beyond the French Riviera’s most celebrated resort. And because nothing is too good for the Bastide, discover its new website. With beautiful pictures and an eye-catching design, the new Bastide site provides you with all the information needed to book with confidence. Tempted by the allure of the rooms, the flavour experience offered by the restaurants, the promise of spa relaxation? Find more information by browsing the site!


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