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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez

Breakfast at the Bastide

Categories : Hotel, published on : 10/4/19

Gourmands, epicureans and even dieticians will tell you that a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Bearing this in mind, we at the Bastide have put together a selection of delights to enjoy in the dining area or in your room. Your hearty breakfast awaits!


Freshness is always a priority

In the morning it's lovely to enjoy a freshly squeezed fruit juice, bite into an apple, munch a grape, savour the delicate flesh of a peach, or even slice a banana into some yoghurt fresh from the fridge. All this and more is what we offer with our seasonal breakfast. Our fruit basket keeps pace with the rhythm of nature, the breads and viennoiseries come straight out of the baker's oven while the petites crèmes are made with love and care by our chef.


Treats for the taste buds

Charcuterie, dairy produce, cheese, cereals and even porridge, if you wish, are amongst the delicious and nutritious breakfast items we provide for our guests. As for egg lovers, we’ll admit that they are particularly spoiled. Scrambled, accompanied by bacon, boiled, poached, made into an omelette… however you like your eggs, we’ve got it covered!


Top quality throughout

Everything that we do not prepare ourselves has been chosen with great care. Made with red fruits, oranges and blueberries, the jams come from the Maison des Confitures, an artisanal enterprise that uses 100% natural ingredients and is based in Gassin, so close to Saint-Tropez that we can almost hear the fruit boiling in their copper basins. The butter comes from a little further away; Saint-Malo, where it’s prepared with loving care by Jean-Yves Bordier, who sometimes puts in some fennel, sometimes adds lemon olive oil... And sometimes even leaves it as pure as nature intended. What it all means is a fabulous first meal of the day.



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