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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez

Beaches, hidden havens... and polo!

Categories : Saint-Tropez, published on : 5/11/17

Spring is now well established at the Bastide de Saint-Tropez and the harbingers of summer can be found everywhere. The warm caress of the sun, turquoise streams, fine sandy beaches, beautiful lanes lined with houses bearing ochre facades, and charming little havens where it’s so good to sit and sip pastis or orgeat syrup. Welcome to Saint-Tropez!


Discover the secret beaches of Saint-Tropez

In addition to the legendary beach of Pampelonne, that long stretch of fine white sand dotted with striped sunbeds and beach umbrellas, Saint-Tropez also shelters small coves and inlets concealed from the sight of preoccupied passers-by; places that will delight lovers of wild nature. Escalet Beach… the beach where the Rabiou creek runs into the sea… Graniers Beach nestled at the foot of the Citadel: there are many small paradises for peaceful relaxation lovers and enthusiastic amateur naturalists. On the way back, stroll down to the harbour for the pleasure of hearing the music of the masts and the slap of canvas, or take a walk to the Citadel, which since the 17th century has dominated the town and now houses the Museum of Maritime History.


Polo: a Saint-Tropez passion

It’s said that the sport of polo was invented 2500 years ago on the steppes of Central Asia. Adopted by the Persians, it spread to Tibet, and seduced the Chinese, Turks and Afghans. The Indian sultans adored it and, in the mid-19th century, the administrators and staff of the British Raj took up the sport with great enthusiasm.


A beautiful little sport

The age-old sport of polo requires many skills, chief among which is equestrian mastery, of course, coupled with a considerable dextrousness in handling the mallet and controlling the ball as it is driven towards the opposing team’s goal. Precision, good reflexes and effective teamwork are essential! A fascinating sport to discover at the Saint-Tropez Polo Club.


Pleasures of the senses at the Bastide Saint-Tropez

Upon arrival at the Bastide Saint-Tropez, the senses of sight, hearing and smell are filled with delights. The sighing of cypresses and palm trees, the dense and delicately fragrant vegetation and the view of the blue waters of the gulf are the immediate pleasures. A stop at the spa will complete your feeling of relaxation before you enjoy an exquisite evening on the terrace of our restaurant, where the menu is rich with the promise of a thousand and one flavours created from seasonal ingredients.


Let yourself go at the spa

Partnered with the prestigious cosmetic brand Carita, our spa offers a whole range of treatments: massages, facials, anti-aging treatments, reflexology, and manicures in a setting as welcoming as it is calming. After a day on the sea, enjoy a tanning session. When you come back from a hike along the coastal paths or a museum visit, you’ll be more than ready for a hot stone massage or a ‘Bubble of Sweetness’ inspired by Balinese relaxation movements. Continue with a papaya facial and fleur de coton for Madame, an Ideal Man for Monsieur. Relax and let yourself go!


A star of the plate

We cannot resist the temptation to repeat the good news; our restaurant l'Olivier has been awarded a Michelin star this year. This is thanks to the magnificent efforts of our chef Philippe Colinet, who for this new season has concocted an enchanting menu. The Mediterranean is in the spotlight with freshly caught wild gamberoni, grilled sardines seasoned with thyme flowers and fennel sorbet, and denti fish served with anchovy fritters. Lemon, strawberry and fennel again – in a confit of Madagascar vanilla this time - are offered as dessert. The end of the meal is simply a delicious prelude to a soft spring evening filled with the caress of a gentle breeze stirring the foliage and the spectacle of sunset over the sea.


Hoist the sails!


From May 25th to 28th, Saint-Tropez hosts a major spring event. The Voiles Latines (Latin Sails) festival celebrates Mediterranean maritime culture, with craft from Spain, Tunisia, Italy and France, including catalanas, feluccas and yoles by the hundreds.


The port of Saint-Tropez is getting ready to offer 3 days of celebrations at sea and on land. Out on the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the traditional triangular Latin sail rigged boats can be admired during nautical encounters. The catalana crews will enthral you with their racing skill and seagoing jousts off the port of Saint-Tropez at the close of the day. And after all this, there are still two days of fun remaining!


The same weekend in Saint-Tropez will see an exceptional competition featuring young chefs. On the menu of the Contest of the Chefs will be fish and meat prepared using the traditional principles of the region’s cuisine, the planxa. Technique, speed and creativity will be the key words of this contest where everyone will try to impress a jury of professional chefs accustomed to the demands of the region’s finest restaurants. Awarded a star in the 2017 Michelin guide, our chef Philippe Colinet will have the honour of being on the jury and representing the Bastide de Saint-Tropez.

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La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez La Bastide de Saint-Tropez