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An indulgent Saint-Tropez treat: Sénéquier nougat

Categories : Saint-Tropez, published on : 6/1/22

Already a well-established favourite when the first writers and artists discovered Saint-Tropez, Sénéquier nougat has become an institution. Its secret recipe, its elegant and timeless white, red and blue packaging, and the terrace of the café with red chairs where you can taste its rich and mellow allure; all of these elements make experiencing Sénéquier nougat a must. Savour this indulgence during your stay at La Bastide de Saint-Tropez!


A recipe unchanged for almost a century and a half

It was in his Place aux Herbes pâtisserie that Martin Jacquemin-Sénéquier created his unique nougat recipe in 1887. Mixing Spanish almonds and pistachios from Sicily with tasty honey from Provence, he cooked them in a bain-marie placed in a copper basin. The result is a nougat that is creamy, crunchy and rich in flavour. Today, Sénéquier nougat is still produced using an artisanal process in the pâtisserie establishment from which it derives its name.


The Café Senequier 

To enjoy Sénéquier nougat like a true Tropézien, you first need to make yourself comfortable on one of the red chairs of the Café Sénéquier. There, looking out on the port, you can discover all the subtleties of this unique nougat. Close your eyes and sense the presence of Colette, who loved it, as well as the likes of Matisse and Picasso, Bardot and Vadim, Johnny Hallyday and, more recently, Karl Lagerfeld, all of whom gathered at the Sénéquier. Whether you opt for a meal on the terrace or to simply sip tea while munching a bar of nougat, a visit to the Café Sénéquier will give you a taste of the very essence of Saint-Tropez.


Saint-Tropez jealously preserves its traditions and its exceptional products. Sénéquier nougat is a symbol of the port, just like the tarte tropézienne. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste it during your stay at the Bastide de Saint-Tropez! 





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