A shower of stars and flavours in Saint-Tropez

A shower of stars and flavours in Saint-Tropez

Published on in Saint-Tropez

When great starred chefs meet the best producers and artisans in the region for three days, it’s a true delight for the taste buds as well as for the eyes. This is what the Chefs à Saint-Tropez Fêtent les Producteurs (Chefs in Saint-Tropez Celebrate Producers) event on May 6th, 7th and 8th brings you.


Chefs, producers, and a delightful concept!

Conceived in the midst of a health crisis and organised in next to no time thanks to some relentless determination, the first edition of Chefs à Saint-Tropez Fêtent les Producteurs took place in May 2021. It was an immediate and unanimous success. That’s why the organisers are ready to summon up those beautiful energies and harmonies again this year. They provide a showcase for the region’s best produce, including fruits and vegetables, cheeses, seafood, desserts, sweets, wines and other drinks, along with the most talented chefs. Then they step back and let genius and inspiration express themselves...


On the agenda for the 2022 edition

During these three days of the Chefs à Saint-Tropez Fêtent les Producteurs, the Place des Lices will be the beating heart of the event. There, you are invited to discover and taste magnificent seasonal produce. The days will also feature chef contests, live cooking and encounters with great starred chefs such as Arnaud Donckele from Saint-Tropez. Of course, our chef, Francesco Ruggeri, will be present and will participate in the demonstrations! What’s more, a prestigious four-handed dinner will be organised at the Byblos restaurant, while Sunday will be devoted to petanque with friends, a charity lunch and a producers' banquet.


Experience conviviality, sharing, authenticity and the very special spirit of the Chefs à Saint-Tropez Fêtent les Producteurs event. Our beautiful Provençal town with its starred restaurants and excellent producers is ready to welcome you for a gourmet break!



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