L’olivier’s gourmet restaurant




Duck liver terrine, sesamee seeds and raspberries, red berry jam with basil  20 €
Roar and marinated vegetables in savory oil 18 €
Fresh crab off the shell, tomatoe water,
olive oil and lemon 23 €
Lobster cannelloni wrapped in lettuce with rice vinegar 28 €


Lemon quinoa risotto, grilled king prawns, fennel and parmesan 29 €
Roasted pigeon breast with honey and lavender, beetroot and white radish 35 €
Pan fried red mullet, green asparagus, red onions, basil and pine kernels 32 €
Whole fresh fish of the day for two people with vegetables
9 € / 100 g


Dark chocolate and hazelnut mouss, crunchy caramel, raspberry sorbet 12 €
Gariguette strawberries, rice pudding 12 €
Fresh tomatoes flavoured with rosemary, fresh fruit salad, basil sorbet 15 €
Our selection of goat and ewe cheeses 15 €

Grilled crayfish with a butter sauce, steamed vegetables 17 €/100g,
Grilled lobster with a butter sauce, steamed vegetables 9 €/100g