Ecole Marseillaise 1850-1920 at L’Annonciade

Marseille is the European cultural town in 2013. This is an opportunity for local government to open museums discovering the Ecole Marseillaise and to present principal artists who, between 1850 and 1920, allowed an independent pictorial threshold to exist.

Landscapes were a major part the XIX th century plastic revolution with Van Gogh and Cézanne highlighting the importance of provençal nature. These are the best known however the work of artists in Provence before them is quite unknown.

The prestige of these post-impressionists in fact eclipsed naturalism, a major tendency of the middle of the XIX th century.

Many attempts and many successes were accomplished in different ways by naturalists and eclectics alike. We propose to display the works of Marseille’s painters and to analyze their contribution to landscape art during the middle of the XIX th century.

This provençal naturalism is manifested by the taste for outdoor painting, clear and luminous, often free and spontaneous. Far from being banal, these artists are revealed today with all their daring, displaying impressionism at its best.