Bistr’o’s a la carte

Fresh tomatoes and Burrata Italian cheese
Bastide smoked salmon, candied lemon cream
Onion and anchovy fine tartlet
Melon and San Daniele ham
Fresh vegetables, pesto, tomato coulis

Grilled sea bream, vegetables
Roasted chicken, Provençal ratatouille, garlic cream
Piece of beef, shallots potatoes, mesclun salad
Codfish with roasted tomatoes, salad and parmesan

Roasted apricots, thyme lemon sorbet
Goat cheese, fig jam
Caramelized chocolate cream
Strawberries fruit salad flavoured with lavander

MENU AT 33 € Main + Dessert

MENU AT 39 € Starter + Main + Dessert

….OUR WATER TANK (Not included in the bistro)….

Whole fresh fish (upon availability) 9 €/100g,
Grilled Crayfish 17€/100g
Grilled Lobster 11 €/100g