L’olivier’s gourmet restaurant



Burrata from Italy, tomatoes, tomato sorbet, black olives 18 €
Spider Crab in a Curry jelly, shellfish cream sauce, lemons 26 €
Duck liver terrine like an apricot with Rosemary 25 €
King Prawn presented like a tartar, seaweeds, lemon and a shellfish jelly 28 €
Bio egg with chicken bits, summer truffle, corn sauce 20 €


Roasted young pigeon with licorice, gnocchies, Italian cheese slices, black pepper 32 €
Roasted Mediterranean Denti fish, fennel, scales ships, lemon and black olives 45 €
Grilled suckling Pig, artichokes, onions, cherries28 €
Roasted wild Seabream, yellow zucchinies from Cogolin, water melon, thyme sauce 45 €
According to deliveries : fish bream, John Dory fish, fish capon with summer vegetables and pistou
10 € / 100 g

PUDDINGS To choose at the beginning of the meal

Local peach, homemade meringue, peach sorbet, a few raspberries 15 €
Fresh and fruity dark chocolate, chocolate bits, lime and chocolate sorbet15 €
«Coeur de Boeuf tomato », olive ice cream, tomato fresh meringue 15 €
Almond cake , Rosemary cream ,lavender honey 15 €
Our selection of goat and ewe cheese 15 €