L’olivier’s gourmet restaurant



Whole fried egg, artichokes, bacon and local black truffle 25 €
Raw and cooked summer vegetables, local olive oil, basilic olive oil 21 €
Smoked grilled duck liver, fresh rhubarb and grenadine  26 €
Fresh king prawn tartar seaweeds, lemon and a shellfish jelly 28 €
Grilled white pearls oysters N°1, shallot’s cream, watercress coulis and grilled toast 24 €


Roasted young pigeon with licorice, gnocchies, Italian cheese slices, black pepper 36 €
Local pagre fish with a potatoe crust, black olive paste, fenel and parmesan 28 €
Roasted filet of veal, pan fried cail’s feet, tomatoes, star anise juice and beetroots 26 €
Steamed sea bass with seaweeds, cucumbers, green asparagus, Italian olive oil 38 €
Whole roasted John Dory fish (for two people) with savory, summer vegetables with pistou
10 € / 100 g


Grand Marnier traditional souffle, mandarin sorbet 14 €
Dark chocolate finger tips, hazelnuts, tarragon sorbet 12 €
Fresh raspberries, basel jelly, meringue and basil sorbet 12 €
Summer strawberries, almond cake, rosemary sorbet 15 €
Our selection of goat and ewe cheese 14 €

Grilled Crayfish with a butter sauce, summer vegetables flavoured with basil and pistou 17 €/100g,
Grilled Lobster with a herb’s butter sauce 11 €/100g